Monday, 5 November 2012

Poems inspired by Will

William reminded me to start writing again a couple of years ago, and since then has provided me with a constant stream of inspiration. Here's a couple of poems: 

Bat Walk


From this overgrown pond-side path

our torches spotlight still water.


Sudden black flashes blaze overhead,

locked on to insects, roller-coasting the canopy.



You stand spellbound in your fleece and red summer shorts.



Stumbling back through the woods,

you talk excitedly about how close they came to your face.



I hold your cold hand tight.



Happy When I Hum


You know that I’m a happy little chappy, when I hum,

I might be eating chocolate, I might be chewing gum,


I might be chomping caramels, I might be crunching crisps,

I might be halfway through a bag of cherry-cola lips,


I might be sucking polo mints until the packet’s done,

but you know that I’m a happy little chappy, when I hum.

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