Thursday, 10 January 2013

One Day

One day I will marry
a Cornish girl,
we’ll live by the harbour
and travel the world,
sunlight will dance
on her amber curls –
one day I will marry
a Cornish girl.

One day I will marry
a Yorkshire lass,
an ochre-eyed beauty
her hair in a clasp.
Queen of the Dales,
the wind-beaten grass –
one day I will marry
a Yorkshire lass.

One day I will marry
a gypsy gal,
we’ll sleep in the ivy,
wherever we shall,
star-share our secrets
and never tell –
one day I will marry
a gypsy gal.

Friday, 4 January 2013

New Yah Prayer

New Yah Prayer


May the next year be as glittery,

may daddy stay the boss,

may mummy keep her credit cards

(and no one make a loss)


May fingers stay bejewelled,

may my pony be well-fed,

may Benedict make eyes at me,

(not Harmony instead)


May my wardrobe be this season,

may my music taste stay cool,

may I make 1000 Facebook friends

and captivate the school.


May we air kiss as we celebrate

the best of everything.

So come on everybody,

let the bells of New Yah ring!



Friday, 21 December 2012

winter solstice

the sun stands still
as solstice stones,
ancient light
on sacred bones -
time again
to turn within,
watch the cycle
now begin

Spirit of the Well

 Spirit of the Well

Where Hawthorn trees are tied with rags,
you’ll find an ancient well.
I reside deep inside –
keeper of the spell.

Bring your sickly infants,
whisper prayers, gently kneel.
Bless them with my water,
I will cool, cleanse, heal.

Circle me in silence,
take the children, be away.
Spread the word, let it be heard –
I live again, this day.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Miss Bouquet’s End of Year Class Comments

Miss Bouquet’s End of Year Class Comments

Lily: Somewhat sombre. Rarely smiles.

Blossom: Flighty. Scatty. Can’t sit still.

Heather: Rugged outdoors type. A survivor.

Poppy: Respectful. Excellent memory. A great
example to others. 

Holly: Difficult to handle. Prickly.

Ivy: Takes over. Always where she shouldn’t be. 

Daisy: A daydreamer. Stares out of the window all day.  

Lavender: Bit of a purple patch this year.

Palmela: Thinks she’s something she’s not.

Jean Genies

Jean Genies

It certainly seems
that wiry teens
from Milton Keynes
love Skinny jeans.  

In old Duluth
the streetwise youth
might seem uncouth –
they keep ‘em Loose!

Whilst up in Ayr
the hippies there
will only wear
the classic Flare.

But if you go
to Tupelo
the Superlow
put on a show!

In Montreal…

they wear ‘em all!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012



1 2 3 4
prising open
every door.

5 6 7 8
need to eat them
cannot wait.

9 10 11 12
foil rustle,
fingers delve.

13 14 15 16
I’m the Christmas
chocolate queen!

17 18 19 20 
keep on eating
‘til it’s empty.

21 22 23 24   
guilty feeling.
Stomach sore…