Friday, 4 January 2013

New Yah Prayer

New Yah Prayer


May the next year be as glittery,

may daddy stay the boss,

may mummy keep her credit cards

(and no one make a loss)


May fingers stay bejewelled,

may my pony be well-fed,

may Benedict make eyes at me,

(not Harmony instead)


May my wardrobe be this season,

may my music taste stay cool,

may I make 1000 Facebook friends

and captivate the school.


May we air kiss as we celebrate

the best of everything.

So come on everybody,

let the bells of New Yah ring!




  1. Matt,
    This is a really fun poem. I can see kids having a good time memorizing this poem.

  2. This would be SO fun to perform for Poetry Friday in the classroom. What a VOICE!! :-)

  3. I'm with Mary Lee....this poem just begs a loud classroom recital.