Friday, 21 December 2012

winter solstice

the sun stands still
as solstice stones,
ancient light
on sacred bones -
time again
to turn within,
watch the cycle
now begin


  1. Another of those neat, compact little vignettes I like so much. Well done, Matt!

  2. Perfect. The stones, the light, the cycle turning and turning, both within and outside.

  3. Matt, I had come to think that putting the word "bones" into any poem was a sure sign of a certain pretentiousness--despite having a couple of bones poems myself--but in this small but concentrated piece (which ought to be a mantra for the day) there is no other choice but to call the stones "sacred bones." This, as Mary Lee says, is perfect. Thank you for joining in the Solstice edition of Poetry Friday, and nice to meet you.

  4. Short, vivid, powerful poems are my favorite--love this! First two lines are my favorite!