Monday, 19 November 2012

It Were Like This, Lad!

Over the weekend, my Uncle and Auntie were discussing their childhoods in Sheffield - My Uncle started talking about this man called Mr McKegg that used to come round and deliver groceries in his little old van. He also remembered a shop that sold only sherbet - imagine that!!! It got me thinking...
It Were Like This, Lad:


Mr McKegg,

the grocery man,

sold butter and eggs

from a battered old van.


At The Butcher’s shop

was a Mr Blake

selling plump pork chops

and the choicest steaks.


Old Man Heap 

ran the Sherbet Shop

where fizzy-tongue treats

would whizz and pop.


The Fishmonger, Foster,

filleted, scaled,

while his wife cut hair,

and painted nails.


At The Bicycle Place,

wearing overalls,

was Alfred Chase

who could mend it all.


On the big village green

us children played

till the sun went down

and the light would fade. 


It were diff’rent, lad.

Times have changed.

The world moved on.

Nowt remains.






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